Bespoke roasting and imports

We can supply either custom brand coffee roasted to order, or any of our existing products ex. HCMC ( Ho Chi Minh City)

This means that you buy coffee from Cà Phê VN from Vietnam direct - prices including shipping from Vietnam - you would then be responsible for custom charges, VAT and Port and delivery charges in the UK. 

UK charges inclusive come in at around £1 a kg in addition to ex HCMC costs , but is 40-50% cheaper than buying wholesale here in the UK,

Obviously the shipments need to be a reasonable quantity to be worthwhile - ie 400kg of combined coffees ( more than one blend/roast if desired), and you need to plan coffee shipments and requirements up to 10 or 12 weeks in advance to allow for production, shipping and delivery. 

If you’re looking to open a new café/restaurant/supermarket or would like to serve/stock Cà Phê VN's finest Vietnamese Coffee at your existing business, just get in touch.  


please email:

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to discuss wholesale coffee, events or anything else (except cold selling & PPI insurance etc !)


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